To be a leading partner for people and organizations in the field of total quality management.


To build Africa’s leading knowledge sharing and ideas exchange platform for quality professionals.

We will achieve this by designing and implementing solutions for learning and collaboration as well as building platforms that allow professionals to network, exchange ideas and solve real problems together.


TQM Academy Ltd. was set up by Selfa to provide a platform for quality professionals to network, exchange ideas, and solve real problems together. 

TQM Academy organizes various training programs throughout the year with the objective of improving Quality & Organizational Excellence practices in Nigeria.

We conduct cost-effective and value-added workshops on a regular basis to provide attendees with knowledge, tools, and techniques to implement new and effective management theories within their own organizations.

We host Quarterly Quarterly Forums that will provide professionals with an effective platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

TQM Academy is committed to being the Centre of Knowledge sharing for all topics relating to Quality Management and Organizational Excellence.